cta-8Centralizing patches and updates for is a key for successful protection. Some computers will silently fail or stop receiving updates. Finding out about this after the machine is compromised by a virus or intruder is too late. Anything in IT with “set it and forget it” is a recipe for trouble. Automatic updates, auto patching, automatic virus scanning, etc., still need to be monitored for success. Plus, in a production environment, not all patches should roll out immediately. More often than ever, patches are coming with serious flaws that can create downtime. Our IT services company can steer you around every pitfall.

On network hardware, like routers or firewalls, patches offer protection against the latest attacks and Internet threats. These patches, however, must be done carefully. Secure Network Administration makes sure we’re the ones worrying about the when, how, or why for patching computers, routers, or any other equipment. It’s what makes our patch management solutions a step above the rest. Contact us for professional services you can’t afford to be without!