cta-7SecureNA handles ALL of the interactions with other technology vendors. Our vendor management frees businesses from the hassles of dealing directly with an Internet Service Provider… or a call to a hosted service provider… or support from a line-of-business software product… or a call to a mobile carrier… or just a call to a commercial copier company for support… the list goes on…

In our Vendor Management program, our IT support company tracks warranties and any warranty claims. Is equipment out of warranty? How cost effective is renewal, and how does a business determine what should and what should not carry a warranty? We provide the best-course options in a vendor-agnostic fashion, which makes our IT support company unique.

A technology support specialist will manage the billing, the contract negotiations, and the renewals. Our IT maintenance company knows the “insider” terminology that’s needed, so we can ask the right questions that get the best plans at the right prices for our clients. We leverage our purchasing power and relationships with technology vendors to gain access to competitive pricing. We’ve been negotiating with vendors for decades and have relationships in just about every category.